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Hi-5 with Aidan Molloy
December 6, 2019

Hi-5: 5 Q’s on work, life & inspiration


Say Hi to Aidan, our Campaign Director, and Ciniva’s resident coffee snob. 


When not whiteboarding at our Granby St. office you can find Aidan at the local rock gym, ordering his second cortado at Cure, or slurping noodles at Alkaline. Recently Aidan has lead marketing campaigns for Jamestown Yorktown Foundation and Layer 9 amongst others. He builds balanced, well-informed strategies that empower brands to cut through the clutter and earn results.


We now interrupt his busy day for a quick Hi-5…

Who has inspired you recently and why?

Going to answer this one in two pieces. 

1) Brad Gobright is a professional climber who recently passed away in a climbing accident. He was a nose-speed record holder and one of the world’s best big wall climbers. After watching Reel Rock 12 I was so inspired by Brad’s fun-focused attitude while still achieving insane physical and technical feats. But as The Guardian said, “Like it or not, death is the emotional counterweight that makes climbing’s most important achievements stand out.”

2) My partner Maria’s talent and strength has a constant impact on me. Pushing me to do better, be better. She has brought a whole new perspective to my life and work. I am forever grateful. 


What brings you the most joy in the workplace?

Collaboration and execution. There really isn’t anything better than true collaboration. Perspective, experience, and application all influence an idea and final product. How amazing is it that a tight-knit team of individuals can come together and contribute and feel valued, feel heard, regardless of the end product. The people I work with are incredible at what they do and in the way they communicate. 


You a morning person, or night-owl?

Night-owl for sure. I can be a morning person…  but that really depends on how much espresso is available. I need time in the mornings to collect myself, let the caffeine kick in. I usually put the headphones in and let a good podcast bring me back to humanity as I hit the unreads in my inbox. 

A great idea can only be generated by a person. Not an algorithm or machine. It is unique and valuable.”

Office or WFH? What’s the scoop?

Office, 100%. Working from home is great on those slow days where you just need to knock some things out. For me, that can be persona building or campaign write-ups. Data reiteration. But nothing beats bouncing ideas off of people you respect and admire. 


Why do you do what you do?

Finding that great idea. Something that immediately feels right. When clients and teammates process and start to discover new ways of application. That excitement spreads into more ideation. Something that feels flexible yet centered, able to communicate the core message in a myriad of ways and platforms. A great idea can only be generated by a person. Not an algorithm or machine. It is unique and valuable. 


Aidan helps to execute clients’ goals and needs by crafting marketing campaigns that make sense – a true extension of your team and your success. Hit us up if you’d like to collaborate on a project together, we’d be happy to get the conversation going.