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Hi-5 with Cisco Rey
October 24, 2019

Say Hi to Cisco, our Design + Production Lead, and the most passionate Street Fighter player on Granby.   

When not brainstorming in the creative room, you can find Cisco at the local arcade with friends, hitting a late-night gym session, or picking up some MTG booster packs. 

Recently, Cisco has led branding and web projects for our friends at Layer 9 and Wilbanks Smith & Thomas amongst others. He knows how to empower brands through modern artistry for the digital age. 

We now interrupt his busy day for a quick Hi-5. 

Who has inspired you recently and why?

I often joke that I’m forever a 12-year old trapped in the body of an adult… Yet here I am, feeling compelled to answer your question with a comprehensive list of my favorite superheroes.

But if I HAD TO choose real-life people, I’d likely give a nod to my coworkers. We have some pretty awesome people working here. You guys have already met Rachel, a super cool mom that demonstrates unparalleled drive and organization day in and out. Then you got this one dude named Aidan… I hope you all get to meet him soon. He may very well be the most selfless and stand-up guy I’ve ever met — like, the kind of person you imagine would take a bullet to save a kitten’s life.

Altogether, the team is great. They’re sort of my real-world superhero team, each member bringing their unique abilities to the table. Watching them assemble each morning is pretty inspiring stuff.

What brings you the most joy in the workplace?

There are few things that I enjoy more than helping people solve problems. I’d even go as far as to say that I find it euphoric and therapeutic. Whether it be idea-building, providing technical insight, outlining processes, or simplifying the complex for our clients, there’s seldom an opportunity to assist that I won’t jump at.

I attribute my eagerness for helping others to the mentors of my past, both academic and professional; but in particular, to those that are passionate about empowering others to think for themselves. Mr. Evans of 5th period English Composition, I’m looking at you!

You a morning person, or night-owl?

Certainly more of a night-owl. Anyone who walks into my community gym at 1 AM will find me there lifting weights, all by myself (luckily no one ever does!) And if I’m not exercising, I’m doing everything else past the midnight hour. Online gaming, Netflix, watching my favorite dog fail videos for the umpteenth time; anything but sleep! Hell, I may or may not even be working on a new blog at 2:30 AM.


I’m here for the genuine day-to-day experiences.”

Office or WFH? What’s the scoop?

I go to where the people are; unless they’re home of course. That would be kinda weird.

But in short, I find the most fulfillment in helping others wherever I can. There’s nothing quite like the collaboration experienced when you have like-minds working together in a room. Some pretty dope energy can be found there almost every time. To me, that’s the good stuff, the stuff that gives me purpose.

That said, the nature of our business often calls for expedited work, and in the case of an ultra-tight deadline, I’ll often opt to pass on morning prep rituals, bunker down, and grind away in cartoon-themed boxers. Delivery first; beautification later.

Why do you do what you do?

Without getting overly philosophical here, I believe life is short—maybe too short even. So these days I’m not quite as concerned with where the narrative leads as much as I am with the quality of said narrative. Every moment is viewed as an opportunity to create something better of less, whether that be a blank canvas or situations where others are in need. To impact a brand, a project, or just another person in a profound and meaningful way; I live for that.


Cisco helps to bring clients goals and needs to the center of everything we create – a true extension of your team and your success. Hit us up if you’d like to collaborate on a project together, we’d be happy to get this conversation going!