Maeve Haynes Named CEO of Ciniva
August 29, 2019

We are super, super excited to introduce Maeve Haynes as the new CEO of Ciniva. Born and raised in Ireland, Maeve brings nearly 20 years of experience in digital marketing to the team. Prior to Ciniva, Maeve provided marketing leadership at Virginia Media for over a decade before leading digital initiatives at a local mortgage lender. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity and am grateful to work with such a talented team.” – Haynes.

Here, creativity is a conversation, and we believe in working in an open, collaborative, and above all else, comfortable environment. We work side by side as an extension of your team, every step of the way. With us, there are no egos or hidden agendas – just good people on a mission to create the best work possible.

Since Maeve joined the team, Ciniva has gone through a complete metamorphosis. In addition to a new website, we’ve completely reimagined our identity to reflect the passion and culture of the talented individuals that pass through our doors day after day. 

But more so, we’ve evolved our services to provide a more comprehensive experience for our clients and community – including more refined strategies, streamlined processes, and open communication. 

“This will not interrupt any services or communication to our current clients.” Haynes states, “In fact, it brings broader resources and better opportunities for more custom creative solutions. Brands today need to connect with customers in a variety of ways and places, and we now have a full team of experts to help brands do just that.” 

So stop by, say hello, play Nintendo, and chat with us about your project – we’d be happy to have you.