You don’t need a big site to get big results, you just need to know how to slice it.

Your mobile website should be much more than a business card and much better than your whole site scrunched down into a tiny window. Your key information and important, distinguishing claims need to be highlighted and easily navigated. Forms need to be distilled down, and phone numbers need to be click-to-call ready. Research tells us that millions of internet users browse the web on iPhone and Androids, and  and that number is climbing.



Mobile platforms show that you understand your community and that you value their time. When we design and develop websites, our teams starts with an idea of how the content will look on a mobile device and works backwards. Mobile websites have only so much space to capture a call to action, but we have the skills to create a custom, user-friendly design that converts.

Mobile Web Design
Mobile User Experience
Mobile Branding
Custom Design
The Mobile Experience, In Real Life

We make digital experiences. And maybe that’s a bit cliche, but it’s the honest truth. It’s not just about creating a website, it’s a conversation with your customer on a device that feels natural to them. So let’s build some stuff!

We helped deliver a tenacious experience.

Developed a mobile-first, interactive site
370% goal completion increase
650k unique impressions

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We captured the adventurous spirit of the Outer Banks.

Contributed to a 90M+ increase in tourism spend
Cut website bounce rates by 50%
Developed captivating campaign videos

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“The Ciniva team expertly provides website and digital advertising support for our tourism-oriented marketing efforts. Their staff partner with our in-house marketing group to ensure advertising is properly targeted and results driven. Ciniva staff know when to encourage new initiatives and constantly test the results of various campaigns and platforms to ensure the best results. Their efforts in hosting and maintaining our website platform are some of the best in the industry. We’ve been collaborating for many years and enjoy working with all members of the Ciniva team.”

- Susan Bak

Sr. Director of Marketing and Retail Operations, Jamestown Settlement

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