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We don't waste time doing mediocre work.

Our longstanding clients will tell you why they stay with Ciniva. They stay because of our results-driven partnership approach.


Great work comes from great planning

Taking a deep dive into data, previous campaign performance, site performance, personas, affinity categories, conversions and more can be overwhelming. Ciniva's highly analytical team can take the guesswork out of your data and apply it to a compelling strategy that creates results.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is our love language. Our team can decipher your information and lay it out in an effective plan.

Web Strategy

Your website is often times a customer's first view of your business. Our team can design and develop a compelling site that keeps customers coming back for more.


Not sure where to begin? Allow our team to help you understand your business' data to come up with a strategy that performs.

UX Audits

An audit can determine why your site might not be effective. Research will determine the goals of your users and will lead to suggestions on how to meet or exceed those needs.

User Research

Understanding your audience and knowing how and where to reach them is half the battle. Let our team show you how.


Personas give real-life feel and understanding of your target audiences with particular details and likeness of these groups. Let us help you to learn more about your target audience by developing personas.


Compelling graphics, campaigns and websites are our specialty

Copy alone can't carry a brand into the next tier, nor can it solely compel a customer to take action. Graphics are what tells the story and allows your audience to be immersed in your brand and messaging.

Website Design

Your website is an extension of you, your brand and your business. Ciniva designs clients websites with the user journey and client goals in mind to increase time on site and conversions.

UI Design

Put your best face forward. Your User Interface is the visual design that your customers interact with on your website or app. We can help make it more effective.

UX Design

User experience determines how your customers interact with your website and the items that may help or prevent them from fulfilling their goals.

Graphic Design

Inspiration can spark from anywhere. Compelling creative helps to drive our messaging and attracts the right audience. Our highly talented creatives bring just that: excellent design that inspires.

Brand Identity

Branding is one essential piece of your business that is not to be overlooked. Your brand encompasses all unspoken values and ethos of your business across all platforms. Make sure it is done right.

Creative & Art Direction

Feeling lost on how to present your new campaign? Creative direction helps point things in the right direction while art direction helps decide the visual tone.

Media & Animation

Ciniva's employs talented photographers, videographers, and animators for your media creation needs. Whether it's taking beautiful product shots or shooting an entire commercial, we can help.


Your product's packaging may be the only way your customers interact with your brand. Make your product stand out on shelves with a unique, eye-catching design.


Great websites don't happen everyday

When it comes to building a website, there are many platforms and options available. The experts at Ciniva will not only build you a visually appealing website, we will also build you a website that performs well. Your site will be built for peak performance and with user objectives in mind.


We build most of our client's sites using the web's #1 content management system. Wordpress allows us to quickly build robust, feature-rich sites that clients can update themselves.


Ready to expand your audience and sell your products online? Let us help you grow your business and guide you to the best path forward.


Microsites are uniquely customized web destinations that your audience visit when interacting with an ad. This allows you to accurately measure the success rate of your ads, as well as develop different visual styles for new campaigns.

Applications & SaaS

Have an idea for a mobile app or SaaS? We can help plan, design, and build complex functionality for apps in any industry.

QA & Testing

Even if Ciniva didn't build your website, we can help test and compare with your original design specifications to ensure you are ready to go live.


Have an app or website that doesn't seem to work correctly? Let our development team take a look under the hood and figure out how to fix it.

Data, Analytics, and Optimization

Numbers and statistics drive us to progress

Reviewing Analytics Reports, website data, campaign performance and the like can be a daunting task but can also leave you wondering what it all means and how this critical information can help you. Ciniva's Data Analysts can assist you with dissecting and understanding your data and analytics to get it to work for you.


Heatmapping allows you to see how visitors follow through pages on your site and how they view your messaging. Make sure your pages are set up to capture your audience.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics allow us a birds eye view of site performance, campaign performance, visitor information and so much more. Allow us to delve into and set up your analytics for an easy-to-follow report.

CRM Integrations

Tying your customer information and your website together allows for a seamless process to continue to grow your sales funnel.


Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing tactic that helps with your website's online visibility within the search engines. Allow our experienced SEO specialists to help improve your sites rankings to make sure your site is being found when people search for your products or services.

Marketing & Promotion

Take the guesswork out of assembling and executing a stellar marketing strategy

Marketing is forever changing and you need a partner who is on top of trends, prepared and able to help you assemble an effective strategy. The Ciniva marketing team is here for you and ready to deliver.


OTT, or Over The Top, refers to streaming TV buys for an expansive visual ad strategy.

Creative Campaigns

Need something that stands out? Let our team assist with assembling a creative campaign for your brand.

Content Marketing

Ciniva can create your brand's ideal voice, tone and Calls-To-Action for your website and campaigns.

Content Curator Marketing

Not sure what is valuable information to share with your audience? Ciniva has your back. We can locate and select relevant content and apply it to your business to share with your audience.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing. Our team is on top of trends, channels, restrictions, algorithms and know how to assemble an effective digital marketing strategy from concept through execution.


It can often take over 20 touchpoints for a consumer to take action with a brand. Billboards, combined with an effective overall marketing strategy, can create value as an additional touchpoint for your audience.


Geofencing allows to target a specific area with effective ads. Ciniva can help you select your location and create ads to reach your audience.


Photography is integral to any brand. Having a library of images that properly represents your brand for social media, digital ads, your website and more keeps your company on-brand and looking professional. Ciniva can help with shot lists, locations, lighting, aesthetics and so much more to create assets that you are proud to show off.


There is no denying that video is king when it comes to social media, digital media, websites and so much more. Do you have what it takes to be competitive with your video strategy in this market? Ciniva can help.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an effective and budget-conscious way to reach your intended audiences to create results.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, such as radio, TV, billboards, etc... is a great way to round out your approach to reach your targeted audiences.

How We Work

Our Simple & Flexible Process


Every client has different objectives and paths for success. Ciniva takes the time to get to know our clients and what success means to them. Learning more about our clients allows us to be on the same page and create a plan to achieve our goals.


Once we have collected all of the data, goals, and information, we tactfully create a plan for success. We select the creative, messaging, audience, and KPI's (Key Point Indicators) to measure our progress.


Once the plan is in place, our creatives, marketing, and website teams get to work building a solution that is catered to the client's needs.


In order to reach our goals, we measure our success and make adjustments if necessary. Using reporting services and analytics tools, we can monitoring our performance and make the adjustments needed to excel.

Industries we work with

Ciniva has partnerships with many brands across a variety of industries. We believe in diversifying our portfolios but take a personalized approach with each client to ensure successful campaigns and high performing websites.

Travel & Tourism
Email campaign platform
Design & media creation tools
Ad & analytics platforms
Website content management
eCommerce website platform
Meta / Facebook
Social media ad platform
Social media ad platform
eCommerce website platform
Social media management
SEO & optimization tools
Brand monitoring
Project management
What We Use

Tools, Platforms & Integrations

We believe that efficiency is key to producing results on time and on budget. The following tools help us create amazing work for our clients and measure the success of our projects.