For the Love of Humanity
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Creators  —  September 25, 2019

For the Love of Humanity

The most successful brands behave like people – they have traits, personalities, and a purpose for existing.

Believe it or not, you are a brand. Maybe not on the level of Beyonce, but a brand nonetheless. Unless of course, you are Beyonce, which in that case – HEY BEY!

Think about it: you’ve created an image of yourself – an identity that’s shared across social media for your audience (friends) to see. In certain circumstances, you might even advertise your brand – job interviews, dating apps, whatever.

But as you present your brand to the world, chances are, you’re acting like a person. Or at least we hope you are. You’re not talking at your Bumble date, you’re talking with them – sharing stories rather than pretentiously explaining why you’re the right fit with blank statements.

Again, at least we hope you are.

But this post isn’t about dating etiquette – it’s about how we approach branding.

They don’t talk like a business – they speak like a person, having a continuous conversation with their community. For those brands, it’s not all about acquiring customers or increasing profits – it’s about making a connection that goes well beyond transactions.

At Ciniva, our mission is to discover your brand’s humanity – those authentic stories and characteristics that define your existence. Through our “We Live For This” Workshop – we collaboratively start every project uncovering the essence of your brand. We ask questions, share ideas, identify challenges, and essentially uncover what your brand lives for!

This allows us to develop an identity that is genuine and humble. It has emotions and can be empathetic. But above all else, it’s real.

As renowned branding author Marty Neumeier once said – “The most successful brands behave like people – they have traits, personalities, and a purpose for existing.”

So to stick with our self-branding metaphor – you could be the brand that posts photos of yourself at the gym all day, or you could post engaging content that adds value to your community.

Like puppies, plenty of puppies.

Interested in our branding workshop? Hit us up here, we’d be happy to get this conversation going!

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