Managing Negative Online Reviews
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Marketing  —  February 16, 2023

Managing Negative Online Reviews

Do you know what people are saying about your business online?

Having a business, whether online or a brick and mortar, will always have a reputation. How that reputation is managed is the difference in the equation.

Recently, Ciniva’s Marketing Director, Molly Garavito, was invited to speak at the Women in Business Conference about How to Handle Negative Online Reviews. During her presentation, she shared some insightful information about how individuals who have a negative experience in a business or restaurant are 96% more likely to submit a negative review online.

We as a society need to consider supporting fellow businesses and change the narrative when it comes to our experiences in a business. In many cases, those online reviews, kudos, positive messages and more have a direct impact on a business’ success. When we experience stellar customer service, kindness, a delicious meal that has us ready to lick the plate clean- make a habit of sharing the positive experience with the masses with an online review.

In order to combat a one-star review online, a business must get at least five 5-star reviews to bring their rating back up. You read that right- 5 positive reviews to combat one negative review.

From a user or customer perspective, they prefer to see at least 8-10 positive reviews to combat every individual negative review to make them more comfortable with their patronage of that business.

Not sure how your business is stacking up, or considering ways to manage your reputation and not sure where to begin? Ciniva is here to help. Give us a shout and we can chat about a plan to get your business in the limelight.

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