New Year, New You
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Creators  —  January 13, 2020

New Year, New You

Mood, environment, and stress levels… all impact the flow of ideas and thus the bottom line.

A new year means new resolutions, new projects, new deadlines. At Ciniva we have some tools and habits that we really love, things that help us stay on track and maximize productivity without feeling burned out. We wanted to share them because we believe this decade is for the creatives.


Everyone knows Slack but there are few ways we use this tool that might be useful to you! Outside of chat, voice chat, video chat, and group messaging we heavily utilize the Channel functionality. It allows us to create conversations around just 1 topic or client. We also create channels such as “Final Approval” and “What We Live For.” In Final Approval we can ensure our team double and triple checks all work before getting the green light and in WWLF we shout out team members each every week.


One of the best and most versatile project tools out there. A great way to create mood boards, inspiration, sharing ideas, or even just to-do lists. The mobile app is a great companion to the web experience and can allow you to quickly access links, previews, comments, and all other things that make projects move forward.


Noisli is a web based background noise and color generator that allows you to have full control over what noises are playing and their volume level. This may sound odd but you can really set the tone of a work session by creating an environment through sound.


We love Spotify. In case you’ve noticed, we have shared quite a few playlists throughout 2019 and will continue to do so. Music is not only great for productivity but it’s really important for identity and exploration. Being open to new music and hearing what moves and inspires your teammates is a great way to deepen connection and foster creativity.


It’s an online grammar “checker” that can be applied across all programs, not just web. Grammarly really is one of those tools where you don’t notice how much it’s helping until it sends the weekly/monthly recaps of how much content you are producing and what time it has saved you.

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