The Curbside Coalition
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Projects  —  April 10, 2020

The Curbside Coalition

While working from home, we decided to craft this poster series as a small way of showing our appreciation

During times like these we are lucky to be part of a community like Norfolk.

Social responsibility is easy to talk about when things are going great but when things get tough it becomes about action. Our neighbors, friends, and fellow small businesses took action that was clearly in the best interest of our community.

Social media became a great source for updates and info sharing around staying healthy and safe. Our favorite spots quickly adopted curbside pick ups, online ordering, and delivery services.

We made the decision to work from home indefinitely until it was deemed safe. As a small digital creative agency working from home was a much easier transition for us and we recognize the position of privilege we are in on that front.

That’s why we decided to craft this poster series, a small way of showing our appreciation. We picked a few of our absolute favorite establishments that have adapted their services during these trying times and started creating.

We want to sincerely thank each and every one of our fellow Norfolk neighbors for their part in keeping this community connected and safe. We hope to be back in our office and stopping by to visit soon, but until then here are some rad posters.




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