Ways to Boost Your Business with Video
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Marketing  —  December 1, 2022

Ways to Boost Your Business with Video

In a world where Video is everything, how is your business measuring up?

Video is king in the world of social media and digital placements and in order to compete, you need to ensure that your Video strategy is set up for success. Several platforms are moving to require video as part of your visual campaign assets and you need to be prepared to align your video strategy with your marketing strategy.

Pending your audience, platform and objective, video is an excellent way to share your brand, message and call-to-action, but many brands find themselves in pitfalls for not yielding a return on their strategy.

When considering a video production team, there are several items that you should consider:

Leave it to the Pros

Individual and team video production experience. Don’t be afraid to request examples of work to review in making your decision either. Seasoned teams will have a library of assets to review as you consider your future video partner.

In the same respect, consider what shots you need. If you are looking for say, drone footage, you want to seek out an experienced video team with a certified drone pilot or two. Certified drone pilots are aware of restricted air spaces, which are more common than you think, and can also help you with completing the permit paperwork, if needed.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There is video production for all budgets, but keep that in mind as you select an agency to help you. If you are looking to hire models. have makeup and hair on hand for on-screen talent, etc… be sure to consider that when creating a budget. If you are considering a much smaller scale, the budget should be in line for your deliverables.

Timing is Everything

Consider the length of time you would like for your video campaign to run and what would follow that campaign. Platforms like TikTok recommend that your content is updated about every 10-14 days, whereas social campaigns can run for longer before beginning to show audience fatigue.

Some of the more common times for videos are :15, :30, :60 for ad spots. Most of those formats can work for traditional or digital or social media placements as well. Shorter videos are ideal for ads, and although not long in length, when they are done well with clear messaging, they are very effective.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Consider the next steps and future videos when planning your next video to save costs in the long run. You can utilize the time when you already have your production team on site by shooting b-roll, interviews, etc… for future videos, along with time and effort from anyone else involved in the production process.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Selection of on-screen talent is crucial in a well-delivered video. Ensuring that your representative is comfortable speaking on camera, is well-spoken and has company knowledge allows for an easier shoot. It is common to be nervous prior to going on camera, but seasoned production teams have production assistants that can help settle the pre-shoot jitters and get your talent ready for the spotlight.

When considering all of the factors that are involved with video production, there are many things to consider. Length of time for the shoot, amount of production staff, editing, rights for music, voiceovers, production setup and teardown, talent scouting, location, storyboarding, scripts, shot lists, permits (if applicable), props, costume, makeup, post-production motion graphics or special effects (if needed), coloring, and so much more. If you would like some guidance on planning a video shoot, please give us a shout and we would be happy to speak with you about your needs and the best way to scope your video project.

Contact our team to discuss your video strategy and planning to see how Ciniva can help at hello@ciniva.com or 757-499-1990.

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