Why Hire an Agency?
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Marketing  —  November 9, 2022

Why Hire an Agency?

5 reasons why you should consider hiring an agency

Why would a company hire an agency for Marketing help? While that answer varies for many organizations, there are several benefits to hiring an Agency to provide support for Social Media Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing and more.

  1. An Agency is an unbiased extension of your company. Since an agency works with many different types of businesses, they often possess additional experience and knowledge of audiences, platforms, voice, tone, and more. Businesses can use their retainer as a way of bouncing ideas off of like-minded professionals who will be able to discern or advise steps towards success.
  2. The Agency Team will traditionally carry years of experience and levels of support that often go beyond your internal team. With the depth and breadth of the team experience, you are able to fill gaps where your company may require support.
  3. Ever-changing platforms and algorithms allows for a lot of catching up in order to be relevant or successful. Agencies live, breathe and eat what is current in their respective disciplines and are poised to ensure that your keywords, messaging, PPC ads and more are set up for success.
  4. Cost savings. Yep, the bottom line is often your bottom line. Having an Agency on retainer also saves a business money in the long run. The spend for an Agency retainer is far less than a salary and benefits for another Full-Time-Employee, or two.
  5. A true partner that you can count on. There’s a reason why you have a retainer with an agency. The minute that the work begins to pile up and you require more assistance, a sounding board, someone to help with creative and more, your agency is there for you and to get you through it without having to overwork your current team and create unnecessary stress.

Ciniva is always looking to partner with businesses who are seeking to bring their offering to the next level. Contact us today to begin the conversation.

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