Why isn’t your website converting?
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Technology  —  October 11, 2022

Why isn’t your website converting?

Ciniva provides the tools you need to increase your conversions.

Why are users leaving your website and not converting?

Analytics provide us a portal to perform checkups on our website, marketing efforts, customer base and conversion rate. But what happens when one of those metrics is off? Customer engagement is good on your social channels, traffic coming into your site is healthy, but your bounce rate keeps creeping up and your conversion rate and pages visited is taking a wrong turn? These may be signs that you may need to pinpoint your website’s problem areas and determine if it is time for a website refresh.

Consumers have more options than ever before to choose from when seeking an item or service, and each of these exists in the palm of their hand. Fifteen seconds is all you have for a first-time visitor to decide to stay on your site and continue to browse.

Let Ciniva help you diagnose your bottlenecks and get your website, conversions and strategy back on track. Some techniques we may suggest are:

  1. Have a UI/UX Audit done on your website- This will help to pinpoint your trouble areas and allow you to methodically improve the issues with the goal of improving conversions. Ciniva has UI/UX experts on staff who are able to help you to understand where your visitors are seeing roadblocks and leaving.
  2. Content Audit- Do consumers know who you are, what you do and how to get it efficiently and succinctly? If the answer is no, or maybe, you should request a content audit to troubleshoot those items.
  3. Is your website responsive?- If your website is not easy to navigate on the computer in the consumer’s hand, you have already lost the majority of your audience. Mobile traffic is the most significant traffic to a website and if your site doesn’t look great on a small screen, it’s time for an upgrade.
  4. When did you check your Core Web Vitals last? This data is important to ensure that your website is performing optimally.
  5. Does your current website provide all of the functionality that you need to be successful?

Reach out to the Ciniva team for help at 757-499-1990 or email us.

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