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Exceptional architecture demands an exceptional website & marketing presence

For over 50 years, Alpolic has been changing the face of architecture worldwide by manufacturing metal composite material. Alpolic materials can be seen in some of the most striking architectural projects from around the globe.

Alpolic sought partnership with Ciniva to extend their onsite client retention rate, attract new commercial and residential leads, and convert those results into a long-term partnership. Alpolic has a solid internal sales team, but were looking to increase the flow of leads to them. As a brand of Mitsubishi, Alpolic was already well established, and renowned in the global arena. We knew their value positioning was good, we just needed to get their name in front of the right decision-makers.

Ciniva launched a new website, digital marketing campaigns, and were able to focus marketing efforts on increasing their lead generation.

Increased traffic to the website
Increased conversion rate
Increased brand lift
A Winning Strategy

After years of dealing with an aging website, it was time realign Alpolic's branding efforts through new site visuals and features.

Engage the viewer by displaying the versatility of Alpolic composites

Alpolic's product is used to bring some of the world's most creative architectural projects to life. The new site had to really hit that point home. We started by displaying some incredibly unique project examples. Since one of Alpolic's core audience is architects, we wanted to align the visuals and put out an impressive display. This also helped lend credibility to the brand by showing the large number of companies and builders that trust the product.

Browsing & researching product lines is now easier than ever

A key point for the new site was to allow viewers to move around the site quickly. But how do we do this when you have a library of 200 colors, 18 finishes, and 8 different product lines? We added expandable menus that categorized and grouped products, allowing the user to browse and filter through all the options to research what they need. A graphical touch also helped add context to the vast array of options.

Driving viewers to reach out & request physcial samples

A crucial call-to-action was getting viewers to order samples of product. We built an ecommerce-like feature into site that allows users to add samples to a cart, attach product documentation and brochures, and then checkout without navigating away from their current page. Alpolic provides samples at no cost to their customers, meaning checkout is as simple as adding a name and address. This also allowed the sales team to follow up with potential clients.

Follow through & get viewers to experience the world of Alpolic

Alpolic is more than just a composite manufacturer, they are an educator and thought-leader in the architectural world. It was important that we integrate the other facets of Alpolic's business into the site. The site needed the ability to document trade shows and review newly-launched architecture projects on their news feed. Beyond this, Alpolic needed to generate bookings for their seminars and continuing education presentations that are accredited by the American Institute of Architects.

Mobile Strategy

30% of Alpolic's traffic is on mobile devices. We ensured the viewer gets the full eperience regardless of what device they are using.

We used a full suite of marketing services to deliver new clients month after month

Utilizing a number of marketing channels, we have been able to expand and qualify new leads for Alpolic's sales team. Using key advertising platforms, we created brand awareness for both fabricators and architects through the use of highly visual ads and engaging headlines. We used various metrics to measure the success of these campaigns, such as social page likes and counting engagement with calls-to-action on the site. We also helped qualify leads through the sample ordering feature.

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