Care-A-Lot Pets
Because We Care... A Lot

Ciniva worked with long time partner Care-A-Lot Pets to bring their in store experience to life – a wide variety of top-notch services, high quality products, and most importantly a trained staff that cares… a lot.

Big box stores are manipulating the perception of quality through the lens of price. Being locally owned and community-centric still matters to consumers but it’s hard to break digital habits like price-shopping with just messaging. We crafted the Because We Care… A Lot campaign. A 60-second broadcast spot that delivers the in-store experience and changes price perception.

The Care-A-Lot Experience

We created a message of deep caring rather than just product – launching a TV spot to air locally. Filmed in their flagship store. utilizing real services and products we wanted to show users what the pet shopping experience should be like, each and every time. To highlight the fact that staff is trained, attentive, and able provide educated insights into your furry family members favorites. Not just what sale is on right now. It’s because they care… a lot.

It's Because They Care

Modern pet owners come in every demographic. They are an audience filled with love and compassion. Who are more likely to place quality over price if they are made to pause and consider. Looking at in-store purchase data and digital intel we were able to place our 30 second spot where local pet owners felt most comfortable digesting content.

Love Local, Shop Local

The Because We Care campaign did not end with just one spot. It has transitioned into the way Care-A-Lot Pets communicates with it’s community. New efforts in bringing their community the best products service can be accented by the Because We Care … a lot. Tagline Just take a look at our most recent campaign for Home Delivery.

How We Helped

The Commercial helped users to see that the Care-A-Lot Pets store has the scale and scope of product the national chains offer but a genuine local family oriented approach to business.

What We Provided

Marketing Strategy + Planning, Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Campaign Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Art Direction & Design, Ad Development.


increase in in-store services


broadcast spots


high quality stills

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