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Care-A-Lot Pets

Care-A-Lot Pets

Website, Marketing, Photo & Video

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply has been a longtime client of Ciniva. Since the beginning of our relationship, they have grown from a warehouse in Diamond Springs to 4 locations in Virginia and North Carolina. We have also aided them in building a robust online offering of high-quality pet supplies. Our partnership serves to develop marketing campaigns as well as maintain and improve their ecommerce website.

We've built several campaigns to encompass the mission and goal of the Care-A-Lot Pets brand. Each person, item, and service that represents this brand in marketing campaigns are chosen because of their affinity to offer quality service with love. Through launch, we have been able to continue to convey that Care-A-Lot Pets is more than a store, it's a neighborhood resource who is focused on pets, not profits.

Increase in service bookings
Increase in sales & conversions
Ecommerce products sold
Creating A Campaign

Care-A-Lot needed new marketing options to attract customers. We created a comprehensive video strategy to drive results & sales.

A signature campaign to drive market exposure & branding efforts

There are many options out there for pet supplies but Care-A-Lot has always maintained their mission of offering high quality pet supplies and products for pet owners. For this campaign, we went back to the root mission of Care-A-Lot Pets. Everything from selection of foods, treats, grooming services, and training were all carefully selected. Team members were selected because of their caring nature, and it shows.

Ciniva utilized professional voiceovers and energetic motion graphics to share the various offerings of Care-A-Lot Pet Supply and Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts. The versatile motto "Because We Care" has been running as the foundation of our ads, and is used in all print, video, stills, advertising, and social media posts. The success of the campaign still continues to this day.

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Increase in in-store services

Driving new customers to the site through digital ads

Our initial strategy started with optimizing and restructuring their Google Ads account to give us the best opportunity for success. We began with in-depth keywords research and historical search terms analysis, categories, and product performance. Then, we built and segmented their Google Shopping Ads campaigns and structured them in a way that allowed for better bid and budget management.

Just after a few months, we saw a substantial increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and online sales. To keep the momentum going, we expanded our strategy to social media, and SEO to grow their brand presence across the digital space and extend their market reach. The variety of ads and the playful animations have resulted in increased in-store visits, online sales, and attendance at various events throughout the year, pending each campaign objective.

Increase in Traffic

Opening opportunities in all seasons

Care-A-Lot Pets has other initiatives outside of ecommerce. The Care-A-Lot Charitable Foundation assists local shelters and rescue animals in the Hampton Roads area, and the holidays present an amazing opportunity to bring their efforts to the forefront. In order to create awareness about the needs of local shelters, we produced a video campaign to spread the word. It's a simple message: donate gifts for animals that are awaiting adoption in local shelters.

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From concept to execution: A look at the process

Ciniva worked with the team at Care-A-Lot to better understand their customers, their dynamics, potential obstacles, and their desire to grow their business. Through careful planning, we proposed numerous directions for possible videos and advertisements. We began by creating storyboards and initial scripts for their team to review and approve. Following the approval of their decision makers, our team got to work with selecting the voiceover talent and coordinating with the production studio to shoot all live video work for the spot. Once we received voiceovers, our talented illustrators got to work on all of the motion graphic animations, music and sound effects. Finally, we worked with the Care-A-Lot team to deliver the final cuts and launch the campaign.

New Challenges

Continuing & building upon the progress we made, our efforts needed to be adapted in 2020.

Delivered to Your Door: A new effort to show community love

This campaign launched as COVID-19 became present in our community. Though the home delivery service is year-round and a part of the Care-A-Lot marketing strategy, it has become an integral part of business during such difficult times. Following the brand strategy we launched with the "Because We Care" campaign, we found a new level of care with the digital ads for this campaign. The goal of the video spot was simple: show the local delivery experience for exactly what it is – local love. Images of employees, customers, and pets help keep the brand at the top of the viewers mind as they online shop.

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Marketing transitions & transformations during COVID

When COVID began to impact the Hampton Roads region, Care-A-Lot Pets was already working on offering local delivery through their ecommerce site. Additionally, this also put a priority push on Curbside pickups. On the website, we rapidly developed the process during the customer checkout process to enable curbside pickup, along with robust store selection tools. We were able to promote these additional shopping services to continue supplying quality pet items to customers in and around the Hampton Roads area.

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Increase in ecommerce sales
An eCommerce Presence

Updating and maintaining the website has always been a primary focus. Along the way, we've ensured things work smoothly and efficiently.

Determining pain points on a large ecommerce platform

Ciniva sees every website as an ever-evolving part of any business. Using robust user analytics, over time we are able to build a picture of what works on a site and what needs work. We regularly assessed Care-A-Lot Pet's website for these pain points and produced several audit documents to review with the Care-A-Lot management team. Through careful discussion, we created an action item and wish list and spent the following months working to improve the site.

Increasing conversions at a critical step in the user journey

Care-A-Lot's existing checkout process was a problem area that needed attention. Its "put it all on the page" approach was overwhelming and confusing. Users could potentially exit checkout by accident by clicking on unrelated navigation links. It also did not ease the customer through checkout in a logical manner. Ciniva lead a completely custom overhaul by using industry best practices and data from leading ecommerce sites to inform decision making. The result was a vastly improved experience for the customer.

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