Jamestown Settlement

We turned the intimate storytelling adventure into a campaign that encouraged museum visitation by creating an introductory experience to the stories visitors would be able to interact with.

Jamestown Settlement is an accredited museum that tells the story of 17th-century Virginia. They recently organized a yearlong special exhibition focused on the first women in Jamestown, “TENACITY: Women of Jamestown and Early Virginia,” that explores little-known, personal stories of real women in the colony. We set out to create a mobile-first micro-site capable of communicating “Tenacity” without sacrificing any historical importance or integrity.

Custom Microsite

Digging into the data it showed that active audience was primarily 45 – 65 year old males, the History Buffs. This was intentional in previous campaigns but we knew that Tenacity contained stories of perseverance and more specifically the first-hand experiences of women of color throughout early America’s history.  We needed to reach the younger audience.

Display Ads

Museum visitors, day-trippers, weekend warriors, history buffs. They are all searching on their phones. We had built the destination but we wanted to map that concept to the advertising. Facebook Instant Experience ads, Instagram Story ads, and mobile-focused programmatic advertising grabbed users attention where they felt comfortable on mobile.


By ensuring the micro-site and it’s interactive capabilities were designed specifically for mobile we were able to explore mobile only digital ad types. Facebook and Instagram experiential ads allowed us to layer in engaging visuals and after earning the first interaction we could prompt users to choose a story to explore. Each section features 3 options to map to this digital ad style.

How We Helped

Together, working with the historians of Jamestown Settlement, we created a mobile-first interactive experience that offered unique design, function and easy-to-edit sections so that as “Tenacity” advanced through the year, so too would its online counterpart.

What We Provided

Marketing Strategy + Planning, Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Campaign Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Art Direction & Design, Ad Development.


Increase in goal completion


Campaign impressions


Campaign engagements

“The Ciniva team expertly provides website and digital advertising support for our tourism-oriented marketing efforts.  Their staff partner with our in-house marketing group to ensure advertising is properly targeted and results driven. Ciniva staff know when to encourage new initiatives and constantly test the results of various campaigns and platforms to ensure the best results.  Their efforts in hosting and maintaining our website platform are some of the best in the industry. We’ve been collaborating for many years and enjoy working with all members of the Ciniva team.”

- Susan Bak

Sr. Director of Marketing and Retail Operations
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