In this website build – we anticipated visitors every need, adding directions for Where to Eat, Where to Stay, and What to Do while in Currituck, NC.

The Challenge

The typical visitor to the Visit Currituck site is usually in search of a vacation solution. Often times, they already have a vacation experience in mind. They just needed the tools to make their goals a reality.

The Solution

We anticipated visitors’ every need, adding directions for Where to Eat, Where to Stay, and What to Do. The content learns with audience behavior, making suggestions that allow a user to build their own vacation without ever leaving the site. We created an ideal visitor journey, from piquing interest to booking a stay with beautiful visuals experiences and in as few clicks as possible.


Marketing Strategy + Planning, Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Video Production, Campaign Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Art Direction + Design, Ad Development

The best way to explore Currituck is to experience it. We concepted, scripted, and storyboarded our way into a full video production to capture all aspects of Visit Currituck, Drone shots of wild horses, kayaking along the canals, and intimate family moments. Video ensures local relevance, the core of what Visit Currituck is.


increase in tourism spend from 2012-2019


bounce rate reduction


stunning video

“Ciniva has been our agency of record since the inception of the organization. Through their strategic content development, web/mobile site development, as well as digital and social marketing tactics, Visit Currituck continues to be at the forefront for travel and tourism destinations.  Our loyalty lies not only in the work that the Ciniva team produces, but their prompt attention to our needs and consistent communication.”

- Tameron Kugler

Director of Travel & Tourism