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Visit Currituck

Visit Currituck

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We have been working with Visit Currituck since their inception over 16 years ago. Currituck, in Corolla, North Carolina, is on the northern end of the Outer Banks. It is well known as a picturesque beach community featuring historical and natural surroundings, wild horses and adventures for everyone.

Throughout our partnership, our goal has always been simple: share the beauty and simplicity of Currituck with those who are truly looking to unplug, unwind and revel in the offerings and beauty of the Northern Outer Banks. Our marketing partnership with Visit Currituck boasts all of the record setting bookings from our efforts to reach, inform and convert our target audience. We also assisted in developing the Visit Currituck and Currituck Chamber of Commerce websites, which are geared for the vacation planner and is chocked full of information on stays, lodging, restaurants, and so much more.

Seasonal Increase in Web Traffic
Increase in conversions
Social Media Impressions

Content audits drive results

The Visit Currituck site has been around for over 10 years and is chock full of great information, however, over time, some of it has become outdated or is longer relevant. Through a content audit, we were able to identify and eliminate similar pages, and less relevant content that did not provide any additional SEO value. By eliminating this content, it reduced the number of pages that are crawled, and allowed the most relevant content to be found which improved rankings and crawl efficiency.

Additional content improvements were made to optimize for the most relevant keywords, which resulted in better search rankings in Google. We have seen significant improvement in site ranking for higher volume and relevant keywords, providing a lift in organic impressions, clicks and an improved click through rate. This provided the opportunity to reach better targeted users, resulting in more website conversions.

16 Year
16 Year
Client & Agency Relationship

Increasing the sales funnel & qualified leads

As the Outer Banks continues to grow in popularity, Visit Currituck asked Ciniva to help them to increase their sales funnel. We were able to accomplish this by creating additional awareness about the Corolla Outer Banks and grew our conversions. We expanded our campaign reach into new budding markets, adjusted our voice and tone of our ads and changed our messaging to be relaxing and peaceful undertones. We also made adjustments following the Content Audit and updates, including SEO, metatags, descriptions, etc... to help relevant traffic to visit the site.

Following these changes, the site saw a significant increase in sessions and overall visits compared to the prior year's performance. In addition to the increase in visits, we maintained a very low bounce rate, 26%, and a 2.2% decrease in bounce rate, as a result of better keyword rankings for the most relevant search terms. This is a significant gain for an established website.

Optimizing keywords brings you above the fold

Many of our clients benefit from monthly SEO Optimization for their website. Our team continually reviews the Visit Currituck site SEO and competitors rankings and keywords. From our research, we perform updates to continue to increase search rankings on Google. For Visit Currituck, we have increased the total number of keyword ranking on page one in Google, and driving traffic to The site has grown from 246 keywords ranking on page one in Google in January 2021, to 498 page one ranked keywords in January 2022.

Creating an ideal visitor journey, in as few clicks as possible

The typical visitor to the Visit Currituck site is usually in search of a vacation solution. Often times, they already have a vacation experience in mind. The goal was to anticipate the visitors needs – from where to eat, where to stay, and what to do. Audience behavior from our digital campaigns helped us make suggestions to viewers so that they could build their own vacation without minimal effort required. We helped build the tools to make their plan a reality.

Visitor retention on the website means users stay longer and see more content

Client Testimonial

Ciniva has been our agency of record since the inception of the organization. Through their strategic content development, web/mobile site development, as well as digital and social marketing tactics, Visit Currituck continues to be at the forefront for travel and tourism destinations. Our loyalty lies not only in the work that the Ciniva team produces, but their prompt attention to our needs and consistent communication.
Tameron Kugler
Director of Travel & Tourism
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