Video Interview
Connect with a Wish
Connect With a Wish is a Virginia Beach based non-profit whose mission is to serve the children in the Foster Care system. Their goal is to ensure that each foster child is given basic necessities, including clothing, toiletries, and even experiences that they otherwise may not receive, along with experiences and support needed as they venture through the foster system.
Ciniva crafted an interview-style video to help Connect with a Wish share their story and mission through different video platforms and across social media. Our services included scripting, storyboarding, shot lists, visual treatments, video production, post-production, and audio sweetening.

As a non-profit organization, Grants are what allow Connect With a Wish to do what they do. They requested that Ciniva assist them with producing a 2 minute grant video to portray how they utilize funding and what the funding does for their organization. Following some in-depth questioning, Ciniva was able to highlight some of the initiatives that Connect With a Wish is able to do because of Grant Money.

The annual Prom event is a much-anticipated event for volunteers, staff, and of course, the girls in foster care. The staff and volunteers go to great lengths to pamper the girls with having their hair and makeup done, and selecting the perfect prom dress, shoes, and accessories to complete the look. This opportunity may not be possible for many of these girls in foster care without the assistance of Connect With a Wish. The Connect With a Wish Team asked Ciniva to highlight what makes this event so special and how much it means to the girls.

As with any non-profit, or business, having a dependable group of volunteers is worth its weight in gold. Connect With a Wish is fortunate to be able to have a wonderful group of volunteers, but as their needs grow, so does their need for volunteers. They requested that Ciniva helps with a short recruitment video to catch the attention of potential volunteers.

Sharing the Mission of Connect With a Wish was important as their mission stays constant, although the needs are always changing. The request for a short video explaining their Mission is to hope to inspire people to get involved and donate their time, items or money to help them fulfill the needs of these children.

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