To create magic, you have to capture a moment. In this campaign, we captured quite a few. With two 30-second spots featured in unique digital ad placements that lead users to two custom mobile-first microsites – we built a magical experience that gave audiences of all ages FOMO.

Every year the wonder of Charles Dickens’ Christmas world comes to life. Nauticus Museum opens its doors to thousands of families to explore timeless classics for the first time (or second, or third.) We knew this wasn’t an experience we could just write about. We needed to put it directly in users hands with an experience that could work on any device.

Bringing Magic Online

The modern parent is on the move and looking to their phones to keep up. This led us to design and develop a mobile-first microsite that helped parents find all the details quickly while delivering inspirational moments along the way.

Magic Moments

Social ads featuring video vignettes went out to parents planning their holiday weekends. With swipe-up actions to buy tickets it was as easy as feeling the FOMO and flicking the thumb.

Lights, Camera, Magic

Two 30-second spots detailing the micro-experiences audiences of all ages could have across the towne helped us create a unique tone for the campaign. Though there was a storyboard and video framework we wanted an authentic feel. We brought real families into Dicken’s Christmas Towne and invited them to make the most of their experience while our camera’s rolled. 

How We Helped

Every year the team at Nauticus constructs a whimsical towne inspired by the writtens of Charles Dickens. This past holiday season we were tasked with creating a campaign that bring awareness of the event and more families through the door. By capturing audiences attention with video, taking them to a comprehensive micro-site, and ensuring ticket purchase was friction-less we did just that.

What We Provided

Marketing Strategy + Planning, Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Campaign Strategy, Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Art Direction & Design, Ad Development.


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