RP55 x AKOO x Hustle Gang

A.K.O.O. means A King Of Oneself. Founded by Grammy award-winning artist, actor and producer T.I., AKOO designs top quality streetwear for individuals of exceptional style, character, and distinction. Ciniva was tasked with bringing that same standard to a new shopping experience.

We started with an intelligent and responsive cart: Improved product images and zooming, adding a viewing history, color alternatives, similar products feature. The e-commerce interface has been tweaked to responsively adapt to varying screen sizes and devices.

Designed for a King

Fashion brands deal in high-fidelity imagery, shots that evoke emotion and allow a consumer to feel what the product is like. But the shopping elements of the design? That needs to finely tuned. We chose to work with white space that allowed for the application of A.K.O.O. images , all while creating the desired eCommerce experience.

eCommerce Upscale

Whiteboards became filled with circles and arrows, the start of our user experience strategy. As the team honed in on an ideal user-path we began to see opportunities to highlight the product and brand in new ways. Our task was to create a better eCommerce experience and to do that we needed to push the boundaries of what online shopping really feels like.

Shopping Anywhere + Everywhere

Shopping on social media has become insanely powerful. User’s just don’t want to leave their favorite content application when they see something they like. Running through the entire cart experience to purchase point within Instagram is a game changer. Though this was on an initial request from A.K.O.O. as a long-term partner in their client’s success we took every opportunity to place innovative functionality into our website build and eCommerce re-design and were able to launch social shopping across their brand channels.

How We Helped

We got to work outlining the ideal user experience for eCommerce and highlighted visuals that could bring the brand to life. With a design that showcased the vibe and feel of AKOO, we wanted shoppers to feel that the clothes speak for themselves. Intuitive menu designs and and predictive options allow customers to quickly add styles into their cart and checkout from any device.

What We Provided

Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design


click reduction to purchase


product viewport


New innovative cart experience

“The Ciniva team worked closely with us from requirements specification through launch. They were interested in our business and how to best leverage eCommerce in our market. The team was quick and responsive when changes were needed. Ciniva delivered an excellent product that showcases our products in a way that will keep customers coming back for more!

David "Woo" Hall

Chief Information Officer
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