Wilbanks Smith & Thomas

WST Capital Management is a division of our friends at Wilbanks Smith & Thomas – a firm that, since 1990, has prioritized solutions-seeking research as a way to better serve clients. The in-house team at Willbanks Smith & Thomas needed a strong creative partner to apply a unique visual identity to highly complex content architecture.

Leveraging new brand sites – featuring animations, guided iconography, and editorial-style videos – we were able to provide an experience that brings the expertise and warmth of the professionals themselves to the forefront.

A Next-Gen Solution

Wealth Management are not easily explained concepts and they shouldn’t be. Content Strategy here, is how to best to walk clientele through a detailed process all while communicating value, ideals, and trust. With the help of of the internal Marketing team at WST we crafted highly visual icon-based content flows that can serve as stand-alone educational elements or when look at in it’s entirety everything you need to know about the firm.

Strategies Brought to Life

In our initial discovery meeting it became clear to us that the core values are truly represented in the individuals that communicate the unique strategies. Three video elements featuring custom animations offer the users the opportunity to hear directly from those executing their strategies while also being informed on how they are built and maintained. WSTCM has cut an innovative path in the pursuit of next-generation investment approaches for today’s investors. We wanted to ensure these video pieces did the data justice.

Animating the Data

Crafting a visual language goes well beyond iconography or colors, it is the meeting point for brand and content strategy. One of the biggest challenges in developing these brand sites for WST was blending identity with guided elements. When working with the marketing team at WST we knew there was a lot to unpack for the end-user – with contextual information and raw data. Finding out how to communicate this through a visual language was they key to the overall sites design.

How We Helped

We helped shape the look and feel of the new website, we partnered with WST Capital Management’s internal marketing team. Our collaboration led to a detailed visual hierarchy and animation style that would allow the brand to communicate technical information in accessible ways.

What We Provided

Content Architecture, Experience Architecture, Web Development, Video Production, Animation, Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design


brand sites


investment strategy video pieces


frames of animation

“WST has worked with Ciniva on a number of projects, including two major websites. As our firm evolved, they have been consistent partners in adapting our digital presence. As of recent, WST Capital Management, a division of WST, has a robust website integrated with our CRM tool along with branding complementary to WST — embodying its relationship to the overall firm but differentiated enough to stand out. The Ciniva team is experienced, curious, innovative, and generous with educating our team in the process of every project — a genuine pleasure to work with.”

Maria Marmion

Marketing Strategist
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